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  • Sherlock - His Last Bow [SC]

    This edition of the classic collection of stories, with an introduction by Sherlock co-creator Steven Moffatt, allows fans to discover the power of those original adventures.

  • Notting Hell [SC]

    Notting Hell is a wickedly funny and oh-so-recognizable comedy of manners, filleting life on a communal garden in London.

  • Wouldn't It Be Deadly [HC]

    When Professor Emil Nepommuck is found with a dagger in his back, Professor Henry Higgins, a suspect in the murder of his rival, and Eliza Doolittle must put their heads together to find the real killer among the blackmailing teacher's many enemies.

  • The Illuminations [HC]

    Standing one evening at the window of her house by the sea, Anne Quirk sees a rabbit disappearing in the snow. Nobody remembers her now, but this elderly woman was in her youth an artistic pioneer, a creator of groundbreaking documentary photographs.

  • The Guardian [HC]

    Some men strive for greatness. And some men find themselves thrust into the role of their nation's saviors. Such are the two heroes who reshaped and reconfigured the entire destiny of the kingdom of Scotland. 

  • President Down [SC]

    Former intelligence officer and one-time instructor at the British Army School of Sniping, Phil Mason is struggling to make ends meet as a private investigator when he's contacted by his former M15 liaison officer.

  • Under The Skin [SC]

    This novel introduces Isserley, a mysterious female who drives around the Scottish Highlands picking up well-muscled hitchhikers. 

  • The Irish - Quotable Wisdom [HC]
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    The Irish - Quotable Wisdom [HC]

    With their keen humor, poetic eloquence, and gift of gab, the Irish have long been renowned for their way with words. 

  • The Lion Rampant [SC]

    The third book in Robert Low's stunning trilogy about the making of Scotland. It is 1314. Robert the Bruce has reigned for eight hard years, driving out his English enemies with fire and sword. Lives have been shredded by war - wives, daughters and lovers slain or imprisoned. 

  • The Connicle Curse [SC]

    Victorian London's private detective Colin Pendragon learns that the cost of wealth can indeed be dear as he investigates the grisly fate of a well-heeled financier. . .

  • Move Your Blooming Corpse [HC]

    In the second book from talented writing team D.E. Ireland, famous literary characters Eliza Doolittle and Henry Higgins once again come to life as a hilarious investigative team. Move Your Blooming Corpse explores the Edwardian racing world and the fascinating characters who people it, from jockeys to duchesses, in this delightful traditional mystery...

  • Downtrodden Abbey [SC]

    A parody of the hugely popular show Downton Abbey featuring all of your favorite characters, including the Crawfish sisters, Brace the valet, and scheming lady's maid "Potatoes" O'Grotten.

  • Crusade [SC]

    An international bestseller, Crusade is a fast-paced medieval adventure portraying the rising tide of political pressures that led East and West to war in the 13th century. 

  • 1916 - A Novel of the Irish Century [SC]
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    1916 - A Novel of the Irish Century [SC]

    Ned Halloran lost both his parents - and almost his own life - in the sinking of the Titanic. Determined to keep what little he has, he returns to his homeland of Ireland and enrolls at Saint Edna's school in Dublin. Saint Edna's headmaster is the renowned scholar and poet, Patrick Pearse - who is soon to gain greater fame as a rebel and patriot.

  • This Is The Way [HC]

    Anthony Sonaghan is hiding out in an old tenement house in Dublin: he fears he's reignited an ancient feud between the two halves of his family. Twenty-first-century Dublin may have shopping malls and foreign exchange students, but Anthony is from an Irish Travelling community, where blood ties are bound deeply to the past.

  • A Swift Pure Cry [SC]
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    A Swift Pure Cry [SC]

    Coolbar, Ireland, is a village of secrets and Shell, caretaker to her younger brother and sister after the death of their mother and with the absence of their father, is not about to reveal hers until suspicion falls on the wrong person.

  • The Price of Blood [HC]

    What's in a name? Apparently everything for Ed Loy, because that's the only information Father Vincent Tyrrell, brother of prominent racehorse trainer F. X. Tyrrell, offers when he asks for Ed's help in finding a missing person. 

  • Only Wounded [HC]
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    Only Wounded [HC]

    Ireland, home of legendary poets and storytellers, has been wracked by bloody sectarian violence over the last quarter century. Bombs and guns were, and once again are, the primary negotiation tools used by Catholic and Protestant extremists in the conflict surrounding the sovereignty of Northern Ireland - the six counties known as Ulster.

  • The Lady in the Van [SC]
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    The Lady in the Van [SC]

    Alan Bennett has long been one of the world's most revered humorists. From his acclaimed story collection Smut to his hilarious and sharply observed The Uncommon Reader, Bennett has consistently remained one of literature's most acute observers of Britain and life's many absurdities.

  • Keep Me Close [SC]

    Catherine Galitza has been badly injured by an intruder in her own home. In the months before, there had been a string of nuisance calls. Are the events connected? Has someone been stalking her?

  • Keep Calm [HC]

    When a bombing at 10 Downing Street wounds the Prime Minister and tests Great Britain's resolve, American ex-cop Adam Tatum must confront a conspiracy in the highest halls of power. 

  • Head Of State [HC]

    The debut novel by Britain's most celebrated pundit, a gleefully twisted take on 10 Downing Street.

  • Fortress [SC]

    Camp Bastion: SAS trooper Tom Buckingham finds himself in deep trouble for taking down a renegade Afghan soldier. Instead of being proclaimed a hero, he's made a scapegoat for the incident and drummed out of the regiment. 

  • Casting Off [SC]

    On a tiny island off the west coast of Ireland, the fishermen's handmade sweaters tell a story. Each is unique - feelings stitched into rows, memories into patterns. It is here that Rebecca Moray comes to research a book on Irish knitting.


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