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  • The Devil's Workshop [HC]

    They thought he was gone, but they were wrong. Jack the Ripper is loose in London once more.

  • Unlucky Charms [HC]

    For fans of Artemis Fowl and Percy Jackson & the Olympians comes the second book in Adam Rex's acclaimed Cold Cereal Saga, about three kids who must save the world from the diabolical schemes of an evil breakfast company.

  • The Irish Princess [SC]

    Born into a first family of Ireland, with royal ties on both sides, Elizabeth Fitzgerald - known as Gera - finds her world overturned when Henry VIII imprisons her father, the Earl of Kildare, and brutally destroys her family. 

  • A Great Feast of Light [SC]

    When John Doyle was born in a remote part of Tipperary the Catholic church was all-powerful in Ireland, suspicious of the outside world and enjoining its citizenry to piety. And then in 1961, television arrived, bringing Westerns, hilarious American sitcoms like "I Love Lucy", advertisements for gleaming cars and barbecues. 

  • Creature Of The Night [SC]

    When Bobby's mother moves the family to the country, Bobby is furious. All he wants to do is get back to Dublin and resume his wild life there. But that's not as easy as he'd planned. 

  • Dirty Little Secret [HC]

    The special relationship between London and Washington is in tatters. Salim Dhar, the world's most wanted terrorist, has disappeared after an audacious attack on an American target in the UK. The CIA believes Daniel Marchant, renegade MI6 officer, was involved.

  • The Consequences of Marriage [SC]

    When James McElroy saw the ad for a lodger with 'Bibi Sanders' in a smart Edinburgh street, he pictured a glamorous young landlady with whom he would form a meaningful and deep relationship. But Bibi's in her seventies. 

  • The Devine Sacrifice [HC]

    The Divine Sacrifice continues the story of King Arthur's conselor, Malgwyn ap Cuneglas, a solider who lost his arm in battle but was saved by his king. Malgwyn hated Arthur for this gift, but he has come to grudgingly acknowledge that he yet may have some purpose in life.

  • Fingal O'Reilly - Irish Doctor [HC]

    Newly married to his once long-lost sweetheart, Dr Fingal Flahertie is ready to settle into domestic bliss, but there’s always something requiring his attention, be it a riding accident, a difficult patient with a worrisome heart condition, or even some tricky shenanigans at the local dog races.

  • Half a Crown [SC]

    In 1941 the European war ended in the Farthing Peace, a rapprochement between Britain and Nazi Germany. The balls and banquets of Britain's upper class never faltered, while British ships ferried 'undesirables' across the Channel to board the cattle cars headed east. 

  • King's Blood [SC]

    William the Conqueror is dead. The Norman king freed England from the stranglehold of Saxon Christianity, but in the years following his beloved queen's death, he turned his back on the magic that sustains the land. 

  • After Rome - A Novel of Celtic Britain [SC]

    After more than four hundred years of Roman rule, the island its conquerors called Britannia was abandoned - left to its own devices as the Roman empire contracted in a futile effort to defend itself from the barbarian hordes encroaching upon its heart.