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  • Margaret Powell's Cookery Book [SC]
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    Margaret Powell's Cookery Book [SC]

    In the national bestseller Below Stairs, Margaret Powell told readers what it was really like to work in the great houses of England. In Margaret Powell's Cookery Book, she gives readers a closer look at the world inside the vast kitchens of these great houses.

  • Celebrity Chefs [HC]

    Recipes from the hottest names in the kitchen, wine-and-food pairings by Kevin Zraly, and cocktails from top restaurateurs: this star-studded cookbook showcases our most renowned chefs and their delectable, yet doable, dishes. 

  • Recipes From an Edwardian Country House [SC]
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    Recipes From an Edwardian Country House [SC]

    In this sumptuous cookbook, Jane Fearnley-Whittingstall takes us on a nostalgic culinary pilgrimage, rediscovering classic recipes from the Edwardian kitchen. 

  • Like Mother Used To Make [HC]
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    Like Mother Used To Make [HC]

    Every once in a while, whether it be on a restaurant menu, in a passing conversation, or an article in a magazine, you stumble across a certain dish or recipe that takes you back to your childhood, and the fond memories of your mother's cooking!


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