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Shopping Online

> Is there a minimum order amount?

> Do you have a 'real' store that I can shop in?

> Are all the products you sell shown on the website?


> Do you ship to U.S.A.?

> I picked the option to pick up at the Mississauga store and I was wondering how the long the order is valid. How long is kept at the store? How soon do I need to pick it up?

> I have a fairly large order that I would like to have shipped but I am only seeing the Click & Collect Pickup option. Why do I not see an option for shipping?

> Do you ship every day of the week?

> Can I pick up my order at the shop?

> Is there a way for me to see my shipping costs without going through the checkout process?

> Can I send an order to someone as a gift?

Pricing & Taxes

> I live in Ireland and I am having my order shipped as a gift to someone in the USA. What currency am I paying in?

> What taxes are applicable to my order?

> Do you offer trade or wholesale pricing?

Website Operation

> How do I change my password?

Import Restrictions

> I see you carry imported cheeses and creams. Why do you not stock imported butter?