bargain books savings

What are Bargain Books?

A number of the books we sell are what we like to call Bargain Books. Our Bargain Books sell for quite a bit less than the publishers price - sometimes up to 80% less! How can we do that you ask? Because we have sources for Remainder Books.

Sometimes book publishers print too many copies, in other cases bookstores purchased too many copies and have returned them to the publisher. The books that come back to the publisher are now called Remainder Books. Remainder Books may have been handled a few more times than those on the bookstore shelf, but are still in excellent condition.

Remainder Marks

These marks serve a purpose in the publishing world, dictated and added by the publishers themselves. When a book first goes to the retail channel, the balance of unsold stock is returned to the publishers for credit. At that time the publisher marks each book to signify it has previously been through the retail channel. Without that designation, publishers would not be able to distinguish the proper life-cycle of their inventory, forcing them to treat all books as new.

remainder book markings

What does this mark mean to you?

In a nutshell, this mark means you enjoy substantial savings off the publishers' list price for our Bargain Books.