Canada Post Job Action

canada post worker On October 16, 2018 the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) gave notice to Canada Post that job actions would begin at 12:01am on Monday, October 22. Currently, this job action will take the form of rotating strikes, not a complete disruption to the postal service.

CUPW has not yet announced which centres will be involved in the rotating strikes, nor have they said when a strike will happen or, for how long. Even the postal workers we have spoken to do not know when, or if, they will be walking out. Rotating strikes are meant to create an uncertainty as to when mail will be delivered, not to halt deliveries. 

Generally speaking, rotating strikes do not have a major impact on parcel deliveries. Some delays may occur but normally time-sensitive packages are sent via courier, not through the postal service. These rotating strikes however, could impact people who are waiting for cheques to arrive in the mail. It will definitely be a bit of an embarrassment to the Federal Government who just legalized cannibis in Canada and use Canada Post exclusively to deliver the product to consumers in several provinces.

For now, it is business as usual for A Bit of Home. We are confident that there will be a resolution to the Canada Post labour situation over the next couple of weeks and well before the Christmas rush kicks into high gear. We have also added a shipping option for UPS Courier in the event customers do have time-sensitive orders they need to place now.

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Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Customer Service @ A Bit of Home