Canada Post Job Action **UPDATE**

canada post trailers On October 16, 2018 the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) gave notice to Canada Post that job actions would begin at 12:01am on Monday, October 22. Currently, this job action is in the form of rotating strikes, not a complete disruption to the postal service.

At midnight on November 17, CUPW rejected a time-limited offer from Canada Post. They in turn issued a counter offer and requested the government appoint a mediator (again). The government has issued a warning that they will look at all options to get the mail flowing again.

Canada Post has also taken the drastic step of asking its international partners to suspend shipments to Canada. The reason they state is because of the massive backlog of mail sitting in trailers waiting to be processed. It is feared the backlog is too large to allow a return to normal service before Christmas. Parcels and mail will still flow but everything will continue to take longer than usual, even if the strike is settled soon.

The backlog of trailers in Canada Post yards means that parcels are going to be exposed to the elements for longer than normal periods. This is not a problem with the majority of the items we ship.

However, we are strongly urging customers NOT to order any liquid products such as cordials (Miwadi, Robinson, Vimto, etc) and soft drinks and water (Irn Bru, Club, Fever Tree, etc). There is now a much higher risk that these items will freeze in the box and then burst when the package warms up.

We already have this warning on the product pages for these sorts of products but we want customers to know that the risk is now even higher and that any damage that occurs if a product bursts is totally at their own risk. Neither we nor Canada Post can assume any responsibility for damage that occurs.

We will soon be posting our cut-off dates for Christmas shipments. At this point we expect the cut-off dates for Canada Post shipments to be at least a week earlier than last year. Please check back for more details.

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Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Customer Service @ A Bit of Home